alloy layer

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  • zinc-iron alloy layer — An alloy layer formed on iron and steel during hot dip galvanizing as a result of the diffusion of atoms from the molten zinc into the work and vice versa …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • layer — A certain weld metal thickness made of one or more passes. Also see anodic oxide layer catalytic layer gamma layer zinc iron alloy layer …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Alloy-junction transistor — The germanium alloy junction transistor, or alloy transistor, was an early type of bipolar junction transistor, developed at General Electric and RCA in 1951 as an improvement over the earlier grown junction transistor. The usual construction of… …   Wikipedia

  • layer of pure zinc — The top layer on hot dip galvanized steel which, in contrast to zinc iron alloy layers, almost completely consists of zinc …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • gamma layer — part of the zinc iron alloy layer on hot dip galvanized iron and steel containing 21 28% iron …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Light Alloy — Эта статья предлагается к удалению. Пояснение причин и соответствующее обсуждение вы можете найти на странице Википедия:К удалению/14 ноября 2012. Пока процесс обсуждени …   Википедия

  • Heusler alloy — A Heusler alloy is a ferromagnetic metal alloy based on a Heusler phase. Heusler phases are intermetallics with particular composition and face centered cubic crystal structure. They are ferromagnetic even though the constituting elements are not …   Wikipedia

  • Aluminium alloy — Aluminium alloys are alloys of aluminium, often with copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, or magnesium. They are much lighter and more corrosion resistant than plain carbon steel, but not quite as corrosion resistant as pure aluminium. Bare… …   Wikipedia

  • Oxide dispersion strengthened alloy — Oxide dispersion strengthened alloys (ODS) are used for high temperature turbine blades and heat exchanger tubing.[1] Alloys of nickel are the most common but work is being done on iron aluminum alloys.[2] ODS steels are used in nuclear… …   Wikipedia

  • Tungum alloy — The Tungum alloy is an alpha brass of British origins. It has a passive oxide layer, which on exposure to reagents develops a very thin oxide coating. Tungum resists both stress and crevice corrosion in marine environments/atmospheres. This… …   Wikipedia

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